Help with my Carte de Sejour

Alistair (Technic-al) is working with Janet Hall to help British Expats in the reqion to obtain a Carte de Sejour.

The following are some FAQ on the subject of renewing your Carte de Sejour and other official documents. Please read this before posting questions or answers. Click on any question to show or hide the answer.
  • What is the process for obtaining Carte de Sejour for British in France?
    There are several scenarios but the most likely, if you do not have citizenship, are as follows:
    • You have an old Carte de Sejour for UE/EEE/Suisse. This will be invalid after Brexit and will need to be replaced using the online website.
    • (a) You signed up with the 'no-deal' website, in which case they should contact you to restart the process.
    • (b) You did not sign up and will need to make a fresh application.
    • You do not have a Carte de Sejour and will need to make an application from scratch. Unlike the old system which was handled in various ways by the departments, often in person, this will be online.
  • What do I need to apply?
    We recommend that you get together all personal identification documents ready for uploading when you make the application. These fall into 3 categories (based on the initial application process, but may include other material that we are not aware of at the time of writing)
    • Identification - passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates etc.
    • Proof of residency - EDF bills and other utilities, letters from landlords or mairies. Taxe fonciere and d'habitation paperwork.
    • Proof of eligibility - financial position - tax returns for as many years as you have submitted them. If you have submitted these online you should be able to download copies from your personal space on the impots.gouv web site. It is likely that you will need a recent attestation for healthcare cover too.
    The important thing is that these documents are recent, and in the case of passports, valid.
  • What are the key dates?
    • End of June 2020 : UK/EU will decide if extension period to be increased.
    • July 2020 : likely re-opening of the website for applications.
    • Assuming no extension, deadline for applications : July 2021.
  • How do I apply?
    The current link for the website for the application service is not up and running at the moment, but we believe the link is as follows: Official French website
  • Do you have any sources of more information?
    There are many useful websites and Facebook pages that are worth viewing if you want more information, a few of these are here (we will add any more we find):
  • What is happening with driving licences?
    Currently the French government is not accepting licence application from UK citizens with UK licences. They simply return the paperwork with a covering letter saying the UK licence is valid.
    • Make sure that your UK driving licence is up to date. You can do this by checking the 4b section.
    • If you have a UK address you can update your UK licence online: Renew your driving licence
    • Keep checking if the situation changes, or special agreements are created.
  • How do I renew my UK passport?
    If you need to renew your UK passport then you can do this with the online service:
    Renew your UK passport
  • How can I get regular updates?
    We will add updates to this website and also the Facebook Page.
    Help with my Carte de Sejour
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  • How can you help me with my Carte de Sejour?
    We are hoping to offer a range of services, once we know more about what will be involved in obtaining a Carte de Sejour in France. We are based in Chef-Boutonne and so the services will be location dependant.
    How much will they cost? This will depend upon what is required and we hope to be able to provide a price list in due course.
    • Telephone helpline
    • Open days for those local to Chef-Boutonne
    • Scanning documents and other technical services
    • Help with filling in forms and meetings, if required

  • How can I help with your website?
    If you have useful experience you may be able to help others.

    • Register and answer questions based on your experiences
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