Perfectpoitou - Privacy policy

This site is aimed at helping people in the Poitou and we take every precaution with the information supplied and take your privacy very seriously. Here are details of our privacy policy for the information you supply us.


It is possible at the moment to ask questions without registration. If you do register you will be able to do many more things, including answering and commenting upon questions.

If you do register you can choose the amount of information you include, which, at the minimum, needs to be username, email, postcode and password.

If you have used this username on other websites we would recommend that you DO NOT use the same password on multiple sites, as this is very insecure.

Personal Information

Any personal information you supply when you ask a question will only be used for the website. It includes your IP address for anti-spam measures, equally information in answers or comments will be public.

Information required in the Contact Forms is simply name and email address, any other information is at your discretion, but your IP address will be logged.

Registration information also includes a password as indicated, your postcode together with any other information you want to include - some of this may be publically available

We may email those who Contact us or have Registered to respond to queries and updates that may be relevant to you. In addition, other registered users can send private messages. You have the option to refuse emails and private messages in the Q&A user panel when you have registered. We definitely do not pass email addresses to third parties.

If you ask a question and wish to be notified of any responses via email you must tick the relevant box to ask for this, because, to conform with GDPR, we cannot assume consent to be contacted.


This site uses cookies – small text files that are placed on your machine to help the site provide a better user experience. By using the site we assume that you are happy with this process.

We use simple 'Session' cookies to help your browsing experience, which will expire when you close your browser. These cookies help when you are registered to keep the site functioning effectively for you.

We do not use any third party cookies including Google Analytics as we are not using them to monitor our users and we do not use the Google advertising facility. These adverts can be intrusive, so we have chosen not to use them.

In any event any cookies will either expire soon after you leave the site or can be easily removed at this time with no affect on your subsequent visits.

Website monitoring

In order to monitor the website usage, the server does keep a note of IP addresses of all visitors, but this is completely anonymous and the server does not track you in any way.

Contact Us

If you have reason to believe that your information has been obtained by third parties as a result of using our site, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can investigate our security measures.

If you want us to remove your personal information from the server, please Contact Us with your request.