Perfectpoitou - Support our website has been created by Alistair (Technic-al) to provide help to British living in the Poitou region of France. It will be successful with the support of the users. Here are some of the ways that you can support our website.
  • Register with the website
    Registration enables us to protect users and give recognition to those who contribute the most to the community. By registering with the website you can do more things - comment on questions and also vote. You can also score points according to your participation which will help to improve the quality of the website.
    Currently you do not need to register to ask or answer questions, but if we have too many problems with spam we may need to change this, so registering now means you will always be able to use the site fully.
  • Spread the word
    Let people know if you find it the site useful, that way we will get more users and the answers will become more helpful to more people. You can share posts on Facebook if you think this audience might be helpful too.
  • Use the website
    If you think you can answer a question to help someone, then please do. This will help to make the site useful and relevant to it's users
    Hopefully will become more popular and when it does we will need help maintaining the quality of the website, moderating questions and answers and we will need people to help with this too.
  • Send feedback
    Let me know if you find the site useful, or if something does not work, or maybe needs improving. It is difficult to test the site fully and also be sure how others will find the website, so any feedback will help me make it work better.
  • Consider advertising on the website
    The cost of running the website is covered by me (Alistair as Technic-al) and I am always looking for ways to help pay for the site. We don't have a formal advertising policy at the moment at but if you want to promote a relevant business then contact me using the contact form and we may be able to add something.
  • Consider a donation
    If you have found the website useful and want to contribute financially then I am happy to receive donations. The simplest option is to pay by Paypal, you can send any amount you want to Alistair (Technic-al). Use this link to be transferred to the Paypal website. You can specify to send any amount you want from a few euros and there should be no additional fees:

    If you have a paypal account in euros, you can pay directly using the "Friends and Family" tab of the "Send Money" section and we should receive the full amount, with no Paypal fees deducted.

    You can pay by cheque or bank transfer if you prefer as there are no deductions. Contact me and I will email details.