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La Vallée des Singes (Monkey Valley) which is a firm favourite with our family but this is a good hour away from Chef. There are regular quiz nights at the local campsite which start just around Easter 'Des Canards' and the Baudet donkey sanctuary has regular grooming/animal husbandry days for young people to learn about this beautiful 'dread-locked' donkey.
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There is Loup Garou, north of Chef-Boutonne which is a youth holiday centre and that has lots of activities in the school hols such as archery, water sports etc
I also saw recently a go-cart that has special wheels to make it an all-terrain vehicle and that was in the Deux-Sevres but I can't find the link at the minute. If anybody finds/knows it please add the website address.
Other than that you have the rivers and lakes for boating and walking - bit cold at Easter for swimming....
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